Fall News


Beat the Rush and Save!

Avoid a winter catastrophe!


The winter is to your heating system what the Alcan is to your car. Before you make the long trip make sure everything is in good condition or you may find yourself stranded down a long cold dark road.During the fall it’s not uncommon for most reputable (professional licensed, bonded & insured) contractors to be booked up for several days or sometimes weeks. It makes sense to act early and beat the rush.It’s up to you to decide when your system is serviced, or your system will decide for you. In our experience, most systems prefer to be serviced around Christmas Eve in the middle of the night!

Knowing your system is maintained properly gives you peace of mind and preparation time just in case huge repairs are coming down the pipe.

Waiting isn’t Free- You could be wasting money in energy costs. Or if your system breaks down at night you could be faced with overtime charges.

call us!

When it gets cold outside, you have an Alaskan Family you Can Count On!

Trust – We understand our business is more than about repairing faucets, toilets and heating systems. It’s about building lasting relationships with our customers. It’s about traditional values such as integrity & respect for others. In our case for over 40 years. A handshake means as much to us today as it did then. We were plumbing before the pipeline was built!

We’re proud to have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating!

Current licenses held, but not limited to, include: · Alaska Business License #35993 · General Contractors License #2816 · MOA – Mechanical & General Contractors License #0234 · Mechanical Administrator License-Ken Embley #84 CNTL HCPP RHVC UCIP UHVCS UR · Mechanical Administrator License – Tom Embley #88 CNTL HCPP RHVC UCIP UHVCS UR

We are proud to offer:

Military Discounts on Service Work – Thank you for your service! Note: Active duty only, cannot be combined with other offers.

Senior Discounts on Service Work – A discount you deserve! Note: Age 65 and older, cannot be combined with other offers.